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Since the total amount over some years has only reached the original 10$ I donated, I guess this site will be down forever. Sorry.

Amount donated to NSWF so far= 10 USD
Dear ALCPT Candidates and Instructors:
First, I am happy that so many people have found this site useful since I (with great help from a former colleague) first posted it many, many years ago.
Second, the material here is not updated and has not been updated in over 8 years. I can only hope it is still useful based on the many responses I've received over the years.
Third, the site is no longer free.
Fourth, you don't have to pay me to get the site back. You have to make a donation to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation (10 US dollar minimum). After you make a donation, forward me a copy of the e-mail acknowledgement the Naval Special Warfare Foundation sends to you. When 100 US dollars have been contributed, I'll post the site again.

Steps again:
1) go to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation website (
2) click on Contributions
3) Follow the directions to make a contribution (10 US dollar minimum)
4) Forward me a copy of the acknowledgement e-mail the NSWF sends to you
5) When the total amount donated reaches 100 US dollars (from all the donators, I don't expect any individual to donate 100 USD), I'll post the site and all the activities again.

Do not attempt to send me money. I don't want it. Send your donation to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation. Forward me the acknowledgement the NSWF sends to you. When they receive 100 US dollars from people who use this site, I'll post the site again.
Hope to see you again soon.
Edward Chaffin (chaffine at hotmail dot com)

This is what your acknowledgement will look like: